Celluma (LED) Light Therapy

Celluma (LED) Light Therapy

OrganicTouch facial treatment

Are you looking for a facial that is 100% natural and that goes beyond a traditional facial?

Suitable for all skin improvement needs.


With this treatment I give you a calm and in-depth tissue massage that loosens the muscle tissue in your face and décolleté.


Blockages and adhesions in the muscle tissue are detected and removed, so the blood can flow more freely and optimally fulfil its transport function.

Éminence Organics

The Éminence Organics products that I work with penetrate deep into the skin during the treatment.

They detoxify, nourish, moisturize, improve microcirculation, and remove dead skin cells due to soft fruit acids.

The various textures and scents meanwhile provide an intense experience and well-being.


We plan together; what is your goal and what are your wishes?

The longer the treatment the more extensively we work on the adhesions

and to improve your skin condition.


Do you have impurities such as blackheads or do you want to have a brow shape or tint and this takes 15 minutes or longer? Then I will charge €12.50 extra on the treatment price for every extra 15 minutes.

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